What your face shape says about you!

Heyowww… if you read the wer ist sie menu, you’ve been warned about some content that somehow couldn’t meet your logical thinking.. So here is one of them🙂


Your face is like a book without A B C printed on it

Basically, all human being who are blessed healthy eyes have the ability to read faces ever since they were a baby. For instance,  a baby who is being held by another person other than his/her mom will not be crying if their mom is near ,  because the baby recognizes her mother by matching the details of her face.

Still not convinced?

okay try this one :

Imagine you are being introduced to a stranger. I bet around 5-10 sec after the introduction, words start to flood your mind.. things like : uhm I think she’s a kind person or omg i don’t want to cross the line with this dude, he looks fierce .. and etc. How could this word come into your mind? Because your eyes and brain automatically will try to decipher meanings behind the face of the person you’ve been introduced to.


Okay, so let’s start from recognizing your face shape and what it says about you!! Happy Face Reading🙂


The shape of one’s face and its characters are believed to have a direct association. Certain characters can be seen from the different features of your face such as its shape and size which are believed to bear meanings because they are the indicator of one’s personality.

As we all know, there are 5 elements believed to be the pervasive principle of Chinese metaphysics and they are : Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Face reading also categorize types of human faces according to the form of these five elements.

Wood Face

widest horizontally at forehead narrowing to a small delicate chin

A tall and broad forehead indicates intelligence while a small delicate chin indicates lower physical motive. People with Wood Face tend to be deep thinkers, philosophical, good at analyzing and a strong desire to acquire knowledge. In general, people with such face dislike outdoor jobs.

One bad thing about wood face people is that because for their love of seeking knowledge, they do not spend enough time thinking about money and have the tendency to face financial problems during their rainy days.

Wood face people also have the tendency to be nurturing. Lady Die is one deep-thinker yet nurturing wood face person.

Wood face main characteristics :

  • high-intelligence, love to learn something new. Everyday is a learning day to people with wood face.
  • like to stay in one place for a long period of time
  • have many aspirations
  • kind and generous at heart

Professions suitable for wood face people : researcher, writer, lecturer, artist.

Fire Face


widest horizontally at chin, narrower at cheekbones even narrower at forehead

Triangular face are called the fire face as the shape implies the face is pointed at the top but with a dominant flared out chin.

Fire face people are usually extroverted and have an aggressive style. They tend to be sociable with a fun personality and are people-oriented.

One weakness of fire face people is their temper.

Fire face main characteristics :

  • illuminating
  • have a knack of changing people’s perspective
  • need back-ups to shine ( just like fire itself, they need woods to start them)

Fire face people are suitable for jobs that require audience where they can turn to account their best qualities. They make good speakers, presenters, network marketers, etc.


Earth Face

horizontal width of face is same at forehead and across the cheekbones with heavy jaw line


Earth face indicates someone who is stable, reliable and trustworthy. Most of the people with Earth face are down to earth and are unlikely to be found taking any unnecessary risks because they prefer to tread the beaten or proven path. They are also known for their strong will power.

Earth face people weakness is their tendency to be too conservative so others may view them as not forward minded enough.

Earth face main characteristics :

  • quiet existence
  • not easily influenced by others
  • required an event that shook their conscience that finally drives them into doing something

Earth face people are suitable for jobs that requires trust such as finance and insurance.

Metal Face


well proportioned, symmetrical, jaw tapers, evenly to chin

Metal face people tend to have fairer complexion. They have a strong urge to become a pioneer in almost everything they do. They also have a sense of righteousness and justice and are very good in decision making.

Metal face people are full of ideas and mostly become the man of concept while the people with wood face are the one doing the work. However, due to their many brilliant ideas, an oval face shape person use to become irrational at times so they need to regularly check whether their idea is too irrational or not.

Metal face main characteristics :

  • Pioneer, pace setter
  • firm, bold
  • always seems to obey the rules
  • have high IQ

People with metal faces are suited for positions that involve justice and decision making such as judges, management professionals, diplomats etc.

Water Face

Round Shape face / Water face


Water is often associated with intelligence, diplomacy, adaptability and relationship. People with water face shape also have a strong business sense and are willingly to grab any opportunities that pass right under their nose.

Water face people’s weakness is their tendency to hesitate on making decisions and others may view them to be slow.

Water face main characteristics :

  • Smart
  • Could easily adapt into new environment
  • Practical
  • Dynamic

Okay, that’s it for the face shapes!  Now have you figured out yours? If it is too hard, please note that : Not every face will fit into the categories that were described above. Some may look like a mixture of 2 elements and so on. So, If your face shape looks like a mixture of 2 elements, it means that you don’t own a pure characteristics of one elements but the mixture of the two elements your face represents.

I want to thank the Master, The Guru of Face Reading : Mr. Erwin Yap for he had taught me a lot about wisdom of life and of course some Face Reading….🙂

For more information, check Mr. Erwin Yap’s website


or contact Mr. Ie Kian Widjaja +62 8176007090

25 thoughts on “What your face shape says about you!

  1. sebuah postingan yang sangat menarik karena menjelaskan ttg sesuatu yang jarang sekali dibahas di blog Indonesia. Can I mail you my photo so that you could read my face ?😀

  2. nice post!
    i have a question, kadang orang menilai muka gw SQUARE dan ada juga yang bilang kalo muka gw ROUND. dari karakteristiknya pun gw merasa gw masuk kedalam dua kategori tersebut seperti

    *could easily adapt into new environment
    *required an event that shook their conscience that finally drives them into doing something

    dan karena lo udah pernah melihat muka gw, kira kira menurut lo gw masuk ke kategori yang mana? dan bagaimana dengan masalah karakteristik tersebut? thanks🙂

    • halo ayii.. sorry for my late reply.. I got to wait and got a chance to look your face properly before answering your questions😀

      muka lo tuh campuran antara fire face dengan water face… unique combination🙂
      muka lo segitiga aslinya BUKAN kotak karena dahi lo lebih sempit dan ga lurus dengan jawline lo…

      so ini lah analisis saya….

      Water and Fire can be one special combination under certain circumstances. Your fire elements tend to lead you in becoming a very nurturing person and it teaches the fire elements in you to be tact and learn things like compassion.

      However, you need back-ups to rise and shine, you always need help, you need support, you need something to trigger you into doing something, because that’s how fire works…
      But once you’re triggered, you could get all burnt up and that’s when your water elements came in handy…

      On the other hand, like with any element, there’s a danger here of mutual harm if things are not in balance. Fire can dry up Water, and make them feel brittle and undernourished. Water can smother Fire, put out the flames of inspiration, which usually sends them right out the door.

    • hahahahhahaa no dear… God would never be that crude to create a body parts that bring such bad luck..

      Your nose is small and pointed… it means that you are more attentive, considerate and detail oriented.. you want every little thing to be perfect.. And I’m not saying this because I know you so well but because that’s what your nose says about you😀

      People with this type of nose are suitable for jobs that require specialization not multitasking ones🙂

  3. Pingback: Face Reading « Laila Shares

    • does the shape of your face matches the details described above? If yes, then you’re an oval. However there are also a lot of people who have mix shapes therefore carrying 2 different personalities as well🙂

  4. I don’t think my face conforms too those you have said, although I do fit best with ( metal ) shape and personality lol maybe you should read peoples faces from pictures? People always like 2 hear good things being said about them😉

  5. Amazingly the qualities of the person match me personally. I have a long heart face. So, I have a heart face and it says I could be an artist. I am, I am going to art school and majoring in Graphic Design right now. But I believe there is so much more. I believe a face shape is well, a shape. In math, a shape is looked at in an out from every aspect, so I figure-why not face shapes? But for “triangle” faces, I like how you said they have a narrow forehead. I never thought about that. Excessive depth in the middle and bottom, but narrow on top. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Halo Kak Anisa.
    Tulisan ini sumbernya dari mana ya?
    Saya ingin membaca langsung dari sumbernya, untuk keperluan akademisi.
    Tulisan Anda sangat membantu.
    Terima kasih Sebelumnya

    • Halo.. ini dari buku karangan Erwin Yap saya lupa judulnya soalnya udah lama banget bacanya.. hehe.. Tapi kalau kamu search ttg Erwin Yap dan attend some of his workshops or interview him maybe, pasti akan lebih dari cukup utk keperluan akademis kamu 😊

    • I am not an expert, dear.. and haven’t been doing it for quite some times. For a more precise face reading, pleas e look for an expert face reader near you. If you happen to be in Indonesia, I would highly recommend Mr. Erwin Yap as he’s been doing it for years🙂

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